martin burlas
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  Hexenprozesse- historical pictures on Inquisition, for many acoustic and electronic instruments, axe and puppet with ketchup ad lib, (1990),10-45´
Goetterdammerung for slide projector, bike, sweet music and some performers, (1995), cca20´
A new Beginning for violin, flute, accordion, piano,1999, 15´
Senseless Shiver for speaker,violin, clarinet, viola, cello and piano, (1999), 12´
The Burden , chamber opera after author and Wittgenstein´s texts (2000), cca 40´
Coma, chamber opera, after Jiri Olic lyrics, premiere in SND 2007, november 24, Bratislava


Penultimate Summer for harp, celesta, piano,vibraphone, marimba and chamber orchestra (1984), 18’, MF
Sotto voce for orchestra and choir (1982), revised version (2014) , 15’, MF
Prelude from opera Coma for orchestra (2005), 8´
Asylum and decay for guitar quartet and chamber orchestra (2011),13´
Spam Symphony for mixed choir and orchestra _texts Nora Ružièkova ( 2014- 2015), 33´
Kuebiko - tribute to andrás szöllösy, for symphony orchestra (2017) 7´
Paralelné fóbie- symfónia pre orchester a elektroniku (2017- 2018) cca 23´